A Local Mobile Application for Drupal Commerce

9 July 2013


San Diego: As per a study by Forrester Research U.S. on the mobile industry, the total volume of m-commerce purchase must weigh by 2017, 31 billion, and would stand for 9% of all online sales. To meet this challenge, Commerce Guys, the source of the Drupal Commerce solution editor open, launching a new “Mobile Commerce” application, native mobile application that enables consumers to shop on any mobile platform iOS.

This application combines with existing Drupal Commerce websites, creating a back-end unified avoiding any update: all content comes from the online store of e-shopping, settling in automatically to a phone or the tablet screen. It is not essential to reinvent new pages or maintain new site architecture.

Furthermore, the application lets users to connect and coordinate with the history of past orders accounts and shopping carts. “The mobile Internet continues its march forward. Since the first version of Drupal Commerce, the mobile has been central to the user experience with an approach around the "responsive design", allowing users to access a Drupal Commerce site from a mobile, tablet or laptop. Yet he felt it necessary to also offer retailers a new native mobile application that allows consumers this time to shop on any iOS mobile platform. This application inspired by the best market practices, was thought to both the buyer and the e-retailer” says Frederic Plais, CEO of Commerce Guys.

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