Top iPad Apps That Must be Created

31 October 2014

San Diego: There are a lot of apps you can get for your valued iPad but how about an app which reads your SMS, email, or eBooks by a celebrity? How about a tool which enables you plans an outfit for your gateway? Here are few apps that iPad developers must build with innovative features.

Writing tools

As writers and editors, we evidently have a fondness for writing software. And we have used up some time typing on the iPad. So, it’s no shock that a few writing and modifying apps made numerous lists. For beginners, the Mac version and iPhone version of WriteRoom, is appropriate. It is full-screen writing app and don’t need  the word-processing features of Pages. WriteRoom bests Pages in several ways, including online document syncing and modifying, all-document searching, and TextExpander incorporation. All of us would love to use those traits at the iPad’s native resolution and fortunately, WriteRoom for iPad is on the way.

Talking of TextExpander, this value for adding up recurring and long text snippets by typing shorter abbreviations is particularly useful when employing on iPad or iPhone’s virtual keyboard. As the iPhone edition, functions on the iPad, and syncs with the Mac version suitably, an enhanced, higher-resolution screen is better for the text always. Lastly, while Apple’s Pages and Numbers apps enable you to view Word and Excel documents, correspondingly, they are less skilled at allowing you modify those documents without losing data for instance, Pages strips comments from Word documents and automatically allows tracked changes. DataViz’s Documents To Go, which manages such tasks better than Pages and Numbers, is a useful tool for an editor to have around; it also allows you access documents in Dropbox and Google Docs. For the same reasons stated for other writing apps, an iPad-native is in demand.


Pastebot is the Swiss Army of text utilities for the iPhone, and while it could have been taken in with the writing tools stated in the article, it gathered enough votes on its own. Pastebot syncs your Mac’s clipboard with your iPhone’s; allows you store commonly used bits of content for easy pasting; gives information about content like text word count or image size; and lets you reformat and process text and tweak images. Pointless to say, this final set of features would excel on the iPad’s screen and having more scope to work would enable the developer to make it simpler to access handy features that presently need digging down into sub-screens.

Apple’s apps

It’s a bit odd to mention that many of Apple’s own iPhone apps have not been included in iPad-optimized status. The most apparent example is the excellent-on-the-iPhone Remote, which allows you to manage iTunes, AirTunes, Apple TVs over your wireless network. As the iPad version of iTunes capably reveals, on iPad-optimized version of Remote would make browsing and managing your media more pleasant.

But other Apple apps would profit from that extra screen real estate too. For instance, who would not wish to view images in the MobileMe Gallery app at the iPad’s native resolution rather than zoomed in? And those of us who have employed the advanced version of Dropbox on the iPad soon discovered the advantages of browsing and observing files at higher resolution; it is expected to see the same kind of update for Apple’s MobileMe iDisk app.

Media and remote apps

We are admittedly media fans. Between the diverse Macworld editors, we have got countless Sonos and Sqeezebox systems, Appple TVs, Rokus, DVRs. So besides, Apple’s Remote app, we have got a lengthy list of media-focused applications that will be good to see if they make the move to the big screen. These take in wireless-remote applications like iPeng, DirecTV app, Sonos Controller app and Sling Player Mobile. The iPad is an appealing device for accessing and managing your media remotely, and we want to do extra of that.


NetNewsWire is a great application for iPad as the developer shows the excellent focus on getting the basics right, though it means omitting features, choices, or buttons some RSS junkies crave. But being just such junkies, several Macworld editors are fans of Reeder, an RSS/Google Reader client that does only about anything or heavy user of RSS feeds could want. All of us are eagerly waiting for a version of Reeder that will take advantage of the iPad’s larger screen to give better reading experience just as NetNewsWire and Instapaper Pro.

Social-media apps

Macworld editors are socially active and are active users of social-media networks, given that the number of votes for social media apps is any sign. Or perhaps it just reveals how different our likings in both podiums and app interfaces actually are. We have few suggestions for apps for social networks, including Tweetie 2, TwitBird, Skype, BeejiveIM, BrightKite, Emberm Reddit, and Facebook.

The lack of an iPad-native edition of the Facebook app is the most amazing, given how much Facebook and Apple have promoted the iPhone version – needless to say that Facebook for iPhone is a brilliant instance of an app surpassing the Website of a Web-based service.

Photo-editing apps

There are many image-editing applications that have been released for the iPhone. But with a screen that small, many people would not edit and manage images. The iPad’s screen, on the other hand, is perfect for working with images and all of us are looking ahead to bigger screen versions of apps like Mobile,, Postage, PhotoForge to do more on the go image operation.

News apps

The iPhone and iPad are good for taking up the current news and information, so it’s no shock that a number of editors are anticipating for iPad-optimized versions of their preferred iPhone news applications. As with Facebook, the need of an iPad-specific CNN app is unsatisfactory – the iPhone version is one of the top instances of what a news organization can do on the iOS, so we anticipated CNN to hit the ground running when the iPad was revealed. Conversely, the New York Time’s iPad-only NYT Editors’ Choice app is stunning but it offers access to just a fraction of the content accessible through the New York Times iPhone app. Join the two, and you have got a champ. 

It’s not over…

Certainly, we have not discussed the games we would love to see reworked for the iPad, and there are lots of other iPhone apps we employ that have the capability to work even better on an iPad:

  • iBird Explorer Pro,
  • Billings,
  • iSale Mobile,
  • iHome+Sleep,
  • MenuPages, and
  • OpenTable, to name just a few.

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