Say Goodbye to These Outdated Web Design Trends

With the ever evolving technology, change is the only constant thing we can find. We can take the example of web design trends, several trends come and go, some designs just breeze out while others last for some time. The design trends fade out because of the technological advancements and user demands. As long as the users expect more, the design trends keep on changing. All that we need to do is to adapt to the latest designs saying goodbye to the out-dated design trends.

Here are a few web design trends which seem to be fading:

  1. Mobile versions: There was a time where the flashy websites were taking too long to load on mobile phones. Designers’ solution for that was to create mobile versions of the websites. But it is no longer in trend now. Today, the designers are highly innovative and they suggest adapting for responsive designs which provide an excellent mobile experience to the users.   
  2. Text-heavy sites: As visual media is gaining a huge significance across internet, users expect to see less text and more visual stimulation. Today, videos can be produced easily with minimum cost and hence many websites are including videos in their content plans. They are also incorporating more and more images as they share their text content.
  3. Clicking: Even today, we can see some websites asking you to click here and there to load the content. But scrolling technique dominates over clicking as it offers users a more enjoyable mobile or web experience. Scrolling designs load faster when compared to clicking designs and they are more intuitive.
  4. Endless web pages: We can see endless number of pages in some websites; but with the spirit of minimalism, users wish to see fewer web pages or more single-page websites. So, the designers are no longer adding pages; rather they are removing the pages that are not really necessary. In some cases, single-page websites can say all that needs to be said.
  5. Intricate content hierarchy: Tile style layout which was very famous a few months back is no longer in trend now. It doesn’t work out for all the content types. But it plays a significant role in organizing the content hierarchy. Your website looks great if it gets rid of the ambiguous and sloppy content organization.
  6. Stock photos: Having generic and corny stock photos is not at all a fresh idea. Bold and original photos that echo your content are in trend now. If you want to interact with your audience more effectively, make use of real and high quality photos that get more attention.
  7. Boring typography: Nowadays, the designers are experimenting with different type kits as they are becoming less expensive. Today, the users don’t want to see the same old boring typography. They expect to see more and more typefaces; you can incorporate this technique to gain the attention of your audiences so that you can easily convey your message.

Being updated with the web design trends is an essential aspect of managing a business. Watching out for the new trends to follow or the old one to buck is certainly the best way to manage potential threats.   

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